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Most people are used to paying bills online via official websites or apps. But one in three people over the age of 65 is still used to writing checks and mailing them to pay bills for water, electricity and so on. Online payments have become simple and secure. Here’s the safe portal you need:

7 Ways to Automate Your Invoices & Get Paid Faster – Wave Blog…

 · How to automate invoices 1. Email reminders when an invoice is coming due Why wait until after an invoice is due to send a reminder? Sometimes, a… 2. Email reminders when an invoice is due When the invoice due date arrives, you can also set your invoicing …

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19 Best Invoicing Software for Hassle-free Billing | Scoro

 · payment and generating an automatic invoice We are a small non profit and when we have donations, we have previously just recorded them as a bank deposit, usually in a lump amount but assigning each line to the individual donor.

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