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Most people are used to paying bills online via official websites or apps. But one in three people over the age of 65 is still used to writing checks and mailing them to pay bills for water, electricity and so on. Online payments have become simple and secure. Here’s the safe portal you need:

How to Manage Bills: Simple Ways to Automate Your Monthly ……

 · People use automatic payments set up with a merchant or other service provider to pay bills and other recurring payments from their bank or credit union accounts. This could be for utility bills, credit card bills, monthly fees for childcare, gym fees, car payments, or even a mortgage. Such automatic payments can be a convenient way for people to make sure they pay their bills on time.

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Automatic Payments Explained – All You Need To Know About …

 · When you make an automatic payment, you’re telling your bank to transfer money on a set date and for a set amount, to pay a bill. Automatic payments are made with either a checking account or credit card, and in most cases, you’ll do this with the creditor or vendor directly, but it can also be done directly from your bank.

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Automatic Monthly Payments enables you to pay your energy bill with an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account. It’s the ultimate in convenience. No checks, stamps, fees, hassle, or waiting in line — it’s all done automatically for you every month.

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